Generative AI – Enhancing the Capabilities of Traditional AI

GenAI is evolving into a dynamic subset of traditional AI and creating new possibilities across a wide range...

Current Generative AI (GenAI) technology goes well beyond the Chatbot. GenAI is evolving into a dynamic subset of traditional AI and creating new possibilities across a wide range of business and operational use cases. One of the most promising─and potentially impactful─examples will be in the utilization of GenAI by IT and OT service providers to provide enhanced support to their customers.


AI and machine learning solutions are now enabling advanced levels of visibility and control. GenAI will augment that momentum with new capabilities.

GenAI Capabilities

computer-network-serverThe size and complexity of modern IT and OT networks are putting unprecedented demands on those responsible for providing support to external and internal customers. Issue resolution in hours is no longer sufficient. Issue resolution in minutes is now the minimum expectation, with issue prevention being the preference. GenAI will provide the means to meet those escalating expectations by providing advanced capabilities.


  • Quicker issue resolution that is far less dependent on human intervention.
    • Ability to quickly query relevant databases for stored information.
    • AI-enabled storage and access to historical query and response data.
    • Issue resolution typically supported by an intelligent Knowledge Management System (KMS).

  • Predictive analytics that actively analyze historical data to create predictive analytics that extend the visible horizon into IT and OT ecosystems.
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) provides rapid and accurate retrieval of relevant images and diagrams that are critical to issue mitigation.
    • Extraction of critical data from tables, text, images, and graphics.
    • Ability to combine images and text via multi-modal embedding tools.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Automated mining of unstructured data for hidden insights.
    • Provision of customer service that is faster and more precise
    • Ability to conduct sentiment analysis on a large scale
    • More accurate prediction of customer and market trends


  • Optimized resource allocation via adaptive algorithms that constantly monitor traffic and performance and adjust resources to provide optimized network performance and efficient resource allocation.


  • Predictive cyber-security enabled by dynamic, continuous, analysis of historical IT and OT network conditions and anomalies.



GenAI-Optimized Customer Support – The Deliverables

Gen AI brings together advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and AIoT to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the complex requirements of modern network ecosystems. Deliverables include…..

  • IT and OT network issue resolution in minutes vs hours or days.
  • Reduced human intervention reduces the potential for human error while providing the opportunity to allocate expensive resources to other activities.
  • Faster and more accurate retrieval and utilization of available data and images.
  • More predictability via predictive analytics that extend the visible horizon for IT and OT asset stakeholders.
  • Enhanced cyber-security and increased customer confidence.
  • Reduction in overall network operation cost and improved cost predictability.
  • Improved external and internal client satisfaction and enhanced ecosystem sustainability.