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3 Reasons why BPM is Becoming More & More Important

When people hear the words ‘Business Process Management’, they immediately assume it’s an overly complicated concept and yet, at its heart, lies the one thing that all businesses desperately need – basic organizational skills to bring order to chaos. BPM solutions should be a roadmap that gets a project from point A to point B and overarchingly boosts cost-savings and efficiency.

Optimum use of finances and human resource isn’t the only reason why you should consider finding the right business process management solution. There are a variety of other factors that have made it increasingly important for businesses these days and three of these are being discussed in this blog today.

Changing Nature of Business Operations

These are very interesting times that we’re living in. Old, archaic orders are being swept away and replaced with fitter, smarter, and more streamlined operations. Changes have to be implemented fast and companies that fail to adapt are unlikely to flourish, or even survive.

Take for instance the energy industry. From focusing primarily on fossil fuels, it has shifted its attention to a more eco-friendly and sustainable model that encourages local production and consumption. Agriculture, too, is reducing dependence on mass production and distribution, veering, instead, towards organically grown produce.

With industries evolving in this manner, there is a pressing demand to change company architecture. This in turn, cannot be achieved without overhauling corporate strategy, which is what BPM solutions help you do. Not only does it outline workflows, automate processes, and assimilate I.T., it also aligns all three towards achieving the overall objectives and goals of the company.

Impatient & Demanding Customers

Consumers these days have increased purchasing power and, as such, are in a position of power to scrutinize availability, accessibility, and delivery of products and services. Social media also plays a role in influencing consumer behavior. Empowered by the interactivity that comes with mobile applications and social networking, consumers expect nothing less from companies than elite customer service. Instead of transactions, they are looking for engagement.

For all these reasons, it’s become imperative to keep customer loyalty and retention at the core of all your planning and strategizing. Unless you do that, they’re promptly going to walk away and hand over their business to your competitors.

Thankfully, this can be avoided with a business process management solution that adapts the company processes to make them more interactive and consumer-friendly. Instead of spreading customer information across different systems and applications, BPM consolidates it in one place. Data, centralized in this fashion, becomes more accessible to employees who can use it to analyze a situation, make the right decision, manage customers better, and respond appropriately to their demands. Also, this unified approach to customer intelligence allows employees to take down inputs from consumers in real time, making the entire process more agile.

Increased Reliance on Enterprise Mobility

More and more companies are moving towards enterprise mobility and this isn’t only because of the proliferation of handheld devices, but rather that companies have realized that remote employees display increased productivity. In addition, they also boost sales and brand awareness while facilitating customer loyalty and retention.

In this situation, BPM solutions can empower both the worker as well as the organization. It establishes a synergistic relation between both parties, so that they can move towards a common goal. BPM makes businesses dynamic, preparing them for change and helping them respond properly to it. Although the teams may be working from different locations, with the help of enterprise mobility, they are able to work in synchronization using features like screen-sharing, video calling, and collaboration working on the same document with comments etc.

In the end, BPM isn’t critical because it makes a business more efficient, it’s critical because businesses cannot improve or innovate without it.

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