6 Internet of Things (IoT) Examples

Internet of Things (IOT) has been tipped as the next level of software and hardware integration for more...

Internet of Things (IOT) has been tipped as the next level of software and hardware integration for more than 3 years now. The good news is that this exciting technology is finally entering prime time. NEST thermostat, Apple’s Health Kit and Home Kit, Philip’s mobile app controlled lighting solutions are all examples of uses of the Internet of things. And the number of companies lining up to join the bandwagon is growing by the day.

Applications of the Internet of Things

IOT is redefining the application of technology in all domains, ranging from space exploration to farming. Let us look at some of these use cases.

  • Health and Fitness
    Some of most interesting implementations of Internet of things have been in activity tracking. You now have multiple ways to monitor your fitness, health and even sleep data. Not only that; you can also remotely share and review the readings with your doctor in real time. IOT also has sophisticated solutions for baby monitoring and helps provide assistance to elderly people.

  • Home
    Mobile apps controlled thermostats and lighting solutions can already be found on retail store shelves. There is also a noticeable range of safety devices, which include remote system failure indicators, virtual tracking etc. The technology is also being extended to all other home use gadgets and devices.

  • Business
    There has been a marked improvement in sophistication of performance monitoring and reporting through implementation of cohesive technologies. It is now much easier to manage multiple locations and keep a close quality check. You can expect even tighter integration of IOT in future software as all major software providers are working hard to integrate the technology at the root level.

  • City
    As it is with homes, our cities are also benefiting from technology collaboration. The most prominent examples are driving convenience (through real time traffic tracking and parking reports) and electricity optimization (using resources like lightning as per weather and automated malfunction reporting). All major cities of the world are welcoming IOT based solutions for better operations.

  • Connected Cars
    Another very useful implementation of IOT is the introduction of connected cars. Your vehicles can maintain live communication with service providers like insurance companies and repair centers. This helps in prompt and proper response. Also, fleet tracking for car rental companies is easier to manage with the help of hardware and software integration.

  • Environment
    Arguably the most significant contribution of Internet of things is in the field of environmental care, partly because environmental issues like global warming are critical in nature and also because we haven’t had a robust enough technology to tackle this issue completely.
    On a macro level, IOT allows for quicker notifications about natural disasters, thus saving crucial time. It also promotes better analysis and reporting. When it comes to ground level support, this new technology helps in pollution and waste control using warning sensors.

These are just a few examples of uses of Internet of things. As the technology grows, the impact of IOT in our day to day lives will also keeping increasing, and that day is closer than you can imagine.