7 IoT Products You Need to Know

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming at us in many different ways and many different verticals. IoT...

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming at us in many different ways and many different verticals. IoT and smart, connected devices are proving to be crucial in solving not only business inefficiencies, but everyday consumer inconveniences as well. With ideal implementation, our business and consumer lives can be more seamless than ever. Check out some interesting smart devices recently introduced into the market that are helping to change our lives forever.

1. Birdi – Home Safety

BirdiThis sensor can detect smoke, carbon monoxide and overall air quality. The sleek design fits with any home décor and can be applied to any wall. The detector uses unique sensor technology that can keep home-dwellers safer and more aware of health and safety threats. The Birdi integrates with high quality home systems and can communicate directly via smartphone app. Other features include emergency 911 dispatch, automatic battery refills, landline phone backup and neighborhood health & safety reporting. Other similar products: Nest Protect

2. Cloud Your Car – Connected Car

cloud-your-carThis is a simple and scalable solution for companies to manage fleets. The device allows managers to monitor all company vehicles through GSM connectivity. Any car equipped with a cigarette lighter can be connected. The Cloud Your Car device will gather real time data such as mileage, speed, location and even aggressive driving. Reports can be viewed using a smart phone or web app. Similar products: Automatic, Moj.io

3. Amazon Dash Button – Home Ordering Tool

amazon-dash-bttnsAmazon Prime members can quickly reorder important home items running low with a click of a button. Users can set it up to order what they want, and then can press it when running low on home inventory. An order alert is sent to user’s phone, so order can be cancelled if needed. This Dash Button is providing industrial style automated inventory management solutions in a simple way to everyday home life. Similar products: BT.TN

4. Parrot Pot – Connected Garden

This smart plant pot automatically waters a user’s plants for up to 1 month. The pot can be setup to any specific plant’s needs and allow for users to monitor sunlight, fertilizer level, temperature and soil moisture. This monitoring can be done from their free dedicated app. Similar Products: Biom

5. Tile – Thing Tracker

tileThis small Bluetooth tracker helps users find everyday items in seconds. This can include keys, phones, wallets, purses and more. Simply attach the tile, check for latest location and make it ring when close. Similar products: TrackR

6. Lively Watch – Medical Alert System

lively-watchesThe Lively Watch makes caring for loved ones a little easier. The watch is stylish and provides 24-7 help from a click of a button. Operators respond to the clicked button and can notify emergency contacts if necessary. The in-home hub eliminates the need for an extra phone line or internet connection. The device also provides other health related features such as daily step counts, medication notifications and routine pattern detection. Similar Products: Philips Lifeline

7. FitBark – Pet Activity Tracker

fit-barkHumans aren’t the only ones who need to monitor activity and sleeping. The FitBark can help keep a pet healthier, reduce bad behavior and even strengthen the bond between pet and owner. A goal oriented and gamification approach supports better decisions and planning for pet activity and exercise. Insights can be monitored on a smart phone. Similar products: Whistle