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8 Things A Reliable Document Management Solution Needs

Electronic document management solutions bring order to chaos and, by storing files electronically, empower businesses to organize, share, edit, and track them efficiently. They can also adhere to compliance requirements, work from multiple locations, support a team working remotely, and seamlessly interact with vendors and customers.

With the right document management solutions, companies are able to not just boost productivity but also increase profitability. But, how do you locate a reliable service provider to partner with? Here are 8 characteristics you should look for in companies offering electronic document management (EDM) solutions.

  • Easy to use: Usability is a criterion you cannot afford to ignore when selecting an EDM solution. Generally speaking, most employees resist change and are usually wary of using any new technology. Unless the document management software is user-friendly, they will be reluctant to adopt it and look for ways to get around it.
  • Customized Configurations: A truly effective document management system is one that adapts to your preferences instead of asking you to accommodate to its limitations. If an EDM’s user experience cannot be customized, look for one that will take your needs into account.
  • Well Organized: The success of any EDM solution depends on how well it is organized. If it’s too complicated, retrieving a file can become an exercise in frustration. Look for document management solutions that support keyword search and assign relevant metadata and tags so that a file can be identified and pulled up in a matter of seconds.
  • Cloud-based: If your business relies on remote working, the EDM solution you implement should be cloud based and mobile friendly. This way, employees can access relevant documents from anywhere and collaborate with other members of the team effortlessly.
  • Secure: Every company has information that is sensitive in nature. Efficient document management will offer measures to prevent security breaches. Some of the simpler features would include asking for permission before viewing a file or restricting the access of confidential files to top management only.
  • Disaster Recovery: Physical documents, or even ones that are stored on your system, are vulnerable to accidents, natural disasters or technological glitches. Catastrophic data loss can wreak havoc and it might be months, even years, before the company is able to recover and get back on its feet. A document management system can keep you protected from such a disaster by backing up all your files in a remote facility.
  • PDF Conversions: If an EDM system can easily convert files to a PDF format, they can be shared with clients, customers, vendors, and employees. Also, it helps streamline day-to-day office tasks by allowing users to scan PDF files into existing documents and create new files.
  • Compliant: A good document management system should offer tools like user access controls, audit tracking and reporting, and document retention policy enforcement. This will help your business be compliant with internal policies and regulations.

The traditional methods of organizing information are long gone. For a business to be relevant in modern times, it’s important to consider a good document management solution. So look around for a reliable partner that will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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