Blogging Tone and Topics

We recently discussed the tone you should take on your social media pages and revealed that consistently using...

This is the second article of our blogging series. Make sure to come back regularly to learn more about creating a blog for your business!

So you’ve decided to write a blog . . . but how do you figure out what to write about? And how should you be writing it? Should you stick to purely information-packed articles written in a professional tone? Or should you be writing like you’re the reader’s friend and regularly share fun articles? Before you write your first article, you have to know what route you’re going to take.

We recently discussed the tone you should take on your social media pages and revealed that consistently using a “business casual” approach is the best middle ground. With this tone, you keep an overall feel of professionalism while showing your readers that you’re willing to step down a little from the corporate pedestal to more easily talk and relate to them. You’re not writing a press release; the content you’re creating is there to be a resource for potential customers. With that in mind, that’s the audience you should be writing for and you should relate to them accordingly.

This philosophy also applies to the topics that you should choose for you blog. In general, you want to aim at being as informative as possible. In your own words, teach visitors about your industry. You can also share interesting articles that have to do with your industry. Don’t be afraid to share articles because they’re not purely your content: it provides free talking points for your blog and shows visitors that you’re up-to-date. Finally, when choosing topics, it’s okay to do things that are a little fun. If you’re operating under the auspices of “business casual,” it makes sense to allow some levity every now and again. It’s another way of establishing a closer connection with visitors and shows that you’re more than just a company operating on autopilot. Just remember that fun is not the same as throwing tone out the window so that you can be snarky or overly friendly. Even though the subject matter changes, keep your overall tone unchanged to maintain your consistency.

If you’re still a little unsure what kind of material would fit in your blog, here are some quick ideas:

  • How-tos
  • Defining and explaining industry lingo
  • Industry news
  • Q&A sessions with your readers
  • “Inside looks” at your company (like a big project that you’re doing or a conference that you’re attending)

A lot of blogging revolves around the idea of consistency. You should always use the same voice and style and avoid doing radically different topics from week to week. Being consistent is another way to show your legitimacy to your readers, since they know they’ll always be able to come to see quality content that will interest them. Choosing the right tone and topics is what provides the framework for a successful blog, so if you start on the right track, you’re already well on your way.