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Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

A Business Intelligence (BI) platform serves as a foundation for application teams. The purpose of these platforms would be to analyze projects faster than if the application teams were coding all by themselves. A BI Platform is useful for embedded analytics projects that require extremely customizable possibilities and speedy release times. Organizations require insights all through their workflows to decide the state of important metrics and how these metrics relate with information points.

BI platforms must have the following:

  • Consume information from any source through document transfers/uploads and application connectors
  • Create an architecture to convert information into valuable and relatable models
  • Provide reports and insights with business utility
  • Create and deploy inner analytics applications

Development teams facing business intelligence projects regularly struggle with the “manufacture vs. purchase” dilemma. This frequently comes down to a choice between either speedy releases that offers almost no customization with third-party product or more custom-made releases (which takes longer because they are code intensive).

A Business Intelligence Platform gives a third and better option. The BI platform allows a development team to closely customize what they want while reducing time to market by giving a reiteration of pre-built components (including diagrams, charts and dashboards). This serves as a ready-made structure for the application teams. As a result, developers abstain from writing and check each line of code as they would if they were building the application starting from the earliest stage.

An advanced business intelligence platform supports self-service data analytics by making it simple for end consumers to assemble their own dashboards and reports. Self-service BI capacities enable clients to control dashboards, reports, and representations themselves—without regularly sending ad-hoc analytics requirements to their IT or application development teams. Moreover, a best-of-class BI Platform offers turnkey analytics security that coordinates flawlessly with the application’s existing set-up.

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