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How IoT Helps During This Christmas Season

Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing technology that transforms business processes into an enormous network of connected sensors, devices, smartphones and wearable devices. Apart from the corporate world, our daily activities also have a major influence on IoT.

Although IoT has an impact on every aspect of our life, let us take a closer look at IoT as it pertains to the upcoming joyful holiday season. As we are approaching Christmas, let us know how IoT solutions can help industries promote their IoT products and improve their consumer services!

Reduction of Energy and Cost

Most markets are very busy in the festive season. Sometimes, these markets can run for 13 to 15 hours a day. This results in large increases to energy costs for the employees. However, IoT-based devices remain easy-to-manage. Such devices can help companies and consumers in controlling the use of electrical equipment such as heater, lighting, chandeliers and refrigerators.

Energy consumption and costs can also be monitored with the use of IoT. For example, IoT-integrated fridges can inform users of drops in temperatures which can inform the user that it is not running as efficiently as it could be. If the drop in temperature is due to any technical issue, the prevention aspect to IoT technology can be easily utilized.

It’s clear to see how IoT helps with the running of Christmas markets. These types of systems don’t have to be expensive either: even an app that can lead to cost savings and reduced energy costs can still be more than beneficial for any businesses. In fact, even IoT can help you in sending and selecting gifts for loved ones and co-workers on Christmas.

Gift IoT gadgets on this Christmas

What’s on your wish list this holiday season? Got your eye on any IoT gadgets? During this Christmas, you can also gift these amazing IoT gadgets to your dear ones.

We should go technical this season and have IoT gifts for our friends, family, or colleagues. To help you out with choosing perfect Christmas gifts, we have picked the top 7 IoT-based products that you can gift this Christmas to your loved ones. See below:

1. Bluesmart

Bluesmart Smart SuitcaseThe Bluesmart carry-on is a suitcase that connects wirelessly to your smartphone so that you can remotely locate it, lock it, and even weigh it. The mobile app lets users see all their data and travel history in one place. Bluesmart is not just an ordinary suitcase, but it is the personal travel assistant for all the users. Gift this smart suitcase to your family and allow them to enjoy trips without any worries.

2. iKettle 2.0

Wi-Fi kettleiKettle is the world’s first Wi-Fi kettle; their makers have developed intelligent software that works seamlessly with anyone’s smartphone. You can pop the iKettle on from any corner of the house and save a lot of time! You can gift this product to your tea and coffee lovers and make them happy.

3. Samsung Smart Fridge

Samsung Smart RefrigeratorThe Samsung 4-Door refrigerator with 8″ Wi-Fi Enabled LCD enables you to browse the Internet, connect it with mobile apps and other Samsung smart devices, providing a great deal of fun. Users can easily access apps like Pandora, Epicurious, AP, and Memos from the front door of the fridge. You can gift this advanced Samsung Smart Refrigerator to your family and friends!

4. Ring Doorbell

Smart Ring DoorbellWhether you are at home or away, the Ring doorbell will alert you through your mobile device when motion is detected or visitors are at your door. You can then communicate directly with visitors, speaking to them through an inbuilt microphone, as well as capture video footage if your visitors are of the kind you do not want prowling close to your home.

5. BenjiLock

BenjiLock - Smart LockBenjiLock is IoT’s answer to the traditional padlock. The device is a simple, standard padlock made of stainless steel which can be opened with a key but it also includes biometric technology which allows users to open the padlock with their fingerprint.

6. Ecobee4

Ecobee4With Alexa Voice Service built in, you can ask your Ecobee4 to set a timer, read you the news, adjust the temperature, and more. It comes packaged with a temperature and humidity sensor you can place in your home.

7. Google Home / Google Home Mini

Google Home MiniGoogle Home is another smart speaker and smart home device controller. Google Home links to the Google Assistant for voice-based searches and commands as well as IoT device controls and has access to subscription services including Spotify and Netflix.

So, now you have gone through all our Christmas gift ideas. Most of them you will find amazing and most of them you may never heard of. Go and order your gifts now!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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