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Why Your Business Needs SEO

Because everyone Googles for answers nowadays (Alexa estimates 670 million daily visitors), pages that place high in the rankings are viewed as legitimate. In other words, being on the first page gives your site an air of authority for whatever industry you’re in. To a user, the first results of a search are clearly the “best” and the ones that can be trusted the most. Search engines cultivate this way of thinking: their formulas for search result rankings favor good content and resources. If you have good content, you’ll be able to go up the rankings easier. Companies like Google are constantly on the lookout for people trying to circumvent the system, so the top results stay useful and on-topic.

The benefits of SEO stand out from other marketing methods because SEO brings more traffic to your site in an organic way. Rather than soliciting with ads, you are receiving visitors who are already actively engaged. Instead of clicking an ad, they took the initiative to search for the keywords that lead them to your site. This engaged audience is a far more valuable page view for your site than the view a normal ad would bring.

You can also target specific keywords with your SEO strategy. This allows you to tailor your efforts to a selected audience. A customer searching for a unique keyword that then brings them to your site is a quality lead. Someone searching for a specific product or service that you head the search results for is someone more likely to enter into a business relationship with you.

Utilizing SEO in your marketing strategy can improve your reputation, lead to higher quality leads and enhance your ability to target specific demographics. No matter what the size of your business is, SEO can be an incredibly useful tool.

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