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Plasma and GeoTraq Announces A Partnership to Bring IoT Hardware with C2M IoT Platform

Plasma and GeoTraq announces a mutually beneficial partnership that brings together IoT hardware with Plasma’s C2M IoT Platform. This partnership allows IoT adopters to quickly and affordably deploy large scale IoT solutions with ease.

GeoTraq invented the world’s first and only Cell-ID transceiver, which is also the world’s smallest cellular transceiver. Manufacturers that use the Cell-ID technology can produce asset tracking and theft recovery devices that are very small and that operates for many years on a single battery charge at an extremely low cost.

GeoTraq is committed to creating real ROI’s for customers through simple cellular IoT modules that are quick to deploy, easy to maintain, all while providing the right data. With Tier-1 cellular connectivity across 193 countries, this tiny Cell-ID Module delivers ubiquitous global coverage.

By leveraging existing network infrastructure and understanding the basic needs of IoT communications, GeoTraq has created a low power, long range, and cost competitive communications solution.

“We are excited about mutually advantageous partnership with GeoTraq,” said Yasser Khan, CTO of Plasma. “Our combined strong capabilities in IoT and existing network infrastructure will benefit customers globally. We will focus on quick deployment of large scale IoT solutions with simplicity. ”

About Plasma and C2M®

Plasma, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in IoT and Digital Transformation of enterprises. C2M®, Plasma’s code-free, end-to-end IoT and Digital Enterprise platform allows easy, secure and rapid prototyping and deployment of IoT/M2M solutions. C2M delivers Digital Transformation for enterprises by converting legacy systems, eliminating or optimizing manual processes. C2M can be accessed via online web portals or mobile apps, and works in a highly available, hyper scalable, and real-time environment.

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