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Plasma Engages with Chalkbucket Labs

Plasma is developing a comprehensive Gym Management Solution for Chalkbucket Labs and is further demonstrating its ability to deliver a wide range of solutions across a wide variety of clients and industries.

The Gym Management system developed for Chalkbucket Labs is designed to track the performance and fitness needs of athletes. Plasma took over Chalkbucket Labs existing code and completely restructured it from the ground up by upgrading the system with a number of new features. Plasma improved the existing backend portal by adding a new scheduling system designed to manage workout agendas for various training programs offered.

Included in the new features, athletes are now able to easily track their performance, and with this new seamless application they can also connect with the athletic community and share their accomplishments. Thus, with the success of the new Gym Management system Chalkbucket Labs has also engaged with Plasma to provide SEO services on the new site. Plasma looks forward to a continued successful business relationship with Chalkbucket Labs.

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