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Plasma Launches Digital Transformation Project with Landmark, Australia’s Largest Agriculture Company

We are delighted to announce that Plasma launches a digital transformation project with “Australia’s largest agriculture company, Landmark”. This project will revolutionize how business is conducted. The end to end transformation will bring efficiency throughout the value chain of Landmark.

Landmark is the largest distributor of both farming supplies and fertiliser in Australia and have a national network servicing 100,000 clients in over 400 locations. They have a team of more than 1600 farming experts that are committed to upholding the mission and values that have kept them as a vital part of the industry for more than 150 years.

Landmark’s parent company, Nutrien, is the world’s largest provider of crop nutrients, feed, crop protection and services. Nutrien plays a critical role in helping farmers across the planet increase food production in a sustainable manner. To find out more about Nutrien and their worldwide offering, visit the Nutrien website

The network of Landmark branches provide a huge range of products and services. From crop protection and plant nutrition products to detailed advice on livestock and wool auctions, specialized insurance, real estate and agricultural finance services and more.

Yasser Khan, EVP of Plasma said, “It’s a major challenge which will enable our clients to benefit from wonderful growth opportunities offered by this new era of digital transformation”.

Plasma supports its clients in their digital transformation in order to improve their growth and to deploy agile business models in the era of connected objects. A major step in the digital revolution, the digital transformation marks a new trend.

About Plasma and C2M:

Plasma, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in IoT and Digital Transformation of enterprises. C2M®, Plasma’s code-free, end-to-end IoT and Digital Enterprise platform allows easy, secure and rapid prototyping and deployment of IoT/M2M solutions. C2M delivers Digital Transformation for enterprises by converting legacy systems, eliminating or optimizing manual processes. C2M can be accessed via online web portals or mobile apps, and works in a highly available, hyper scalable, and real-time environment.

Our digital transformation solutions leverage a wide spectrum of digital technologies to help companies improve products and services, enter new markets, enhance customer experience, and increase revenues. We help you bring your business on Digital Platform with easy to integrate IoT, Cloud, Mobility and Analytics solutions.

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