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Plasma launches NuconSteel Design Build

NuconSteel Design Build has rebranded themselves online and Plasma Computing Group has launched a new website for them. Headquartered in Denton, Texas NBD is an industry leader that provides cold-formed steel (CFS) framing solutions for the commercial and residential construction across the United States. To date NuconSteel framing solutions have been used on all or part of the primary framing in more than 1000 projects within virtually all construction market segments. The new website is customized to the requirements of a wide range of products and services of Nucon Steel.

The simple interface of the homepage allows for easy navigation and strategic flash based imagery is optimally placed on the product page for the mid-rise commercial building option. The website is completely dynamic and allows for interactive elements such as requesting a quote and a dynamic blog that are specific to the architecture and construction industries. enables the showcasing of new projects through detailed images and video and allows NDB to manage all of the content of the site including text, documents and interactive elements.

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