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Plasma Unveils New C2M® Prototype License for Developing Digital/IoT Prototypes and PoCs

Plasma introduces a new C2M®Prototype License to help companies develop Digital/IoT use cases and Proofs of Concept (PoC). This license is specifically designed to assist teams and companies to develop a fully functional Digital / IoT prototype or PoC at a fraction of the full licensing cost.

The IoT marketplace is experiencing an increasing need for enterprises to build and showcase IoT use cases, PoCs and prototypes. Procuring an IoT platform, additional software, and an environment to host these typically makes it cost-prohibitive for most enterprise teams to do so.

Plasma’s new C2M® Prototype License addresses this need by allowing enterprises to lease a low-cost, end-to-end cloud IoT platform on a monthly or quarterly basis. The platform is hosted on Plasma’s cloud, so there is no need to procure hardware to host the IoT platform.

“The need for creating IoT prototypes has increased multi-fold over the last couple of years,” said Mahesh Ramu, VP of IoT Strategy and Operations at Plasma. “Companies can lease Plasma’s C2M Prototype License and build multiple use cases at a very low cost. This allows enterprise teams, and system integrators to showcase working IoT prototypes to their customers, instead of vaporware. This increases the probability of sale.”


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