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Yasser speaks about ‘Perils of IoT’ at CBA IoT Security Event, Australia

The Plasma Team is excited to announce its attendance at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) IoT Security Event in Australia that takes place in February 2017. Exhibitors came from all over the country to compete for achievements in innovation.The event is the longest-running exhibition focused on IoT security and all that it entails. Themes here at the event included Internet of things, IoT Cloud, IoT connectivity, and Machine Learning. There are all-star speakers that will cover topics from smart IoT devices to their security.Plasma encouraged others to utilize their IoT platform, C2M, as needed for connectivity projects.

The platform saves valuable time and resources by providing codeless connectivity and data collection from smart IoT devices, API’s, databases and more. Plasma had a great experience at this year’s CBA and looks forward to going again!The Plasma team provided demonstrations of the C2M IoT and Digital Transformation platform. Plasma’s VP, Yasser Khan, also got the opportunity to give a presentation on the “Perils of IoT”: the impact of IoT devices and their securities. The team also had the chance to meet others in the same industry, share their own knowledge, and coordinate with other thought leaders to share their expertise.

Yasser expresses that the impact of connected devices is becoming more and more pervasive in our daily lives. He also shares the importance of securing your already-installed smart devices. Yasser also asks questions such as, “Who is watching your refrigerator in your kitchen?”. This is especially important now that hackers are compromising connected refrigerators, smart TVs and even baby monitors.Watch here our very own Yasser Khan speaks about the “Perils of IoT“ and learn about the impact of IoT devices and their security in our personal and business lives!

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