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Powerful Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Reporting

The Business Need

A global leader in the Enterprise Networking industry wanted to include a multisensor IoT “smart” device as part of their product offering to consumers. The company had developed all necessary hardware and firmware for the IoT device but lacked the ability to develop the software required to enable and enhance its operation.

To provide the desired user value and experience the software solution would need to include comprehensive analytics, dashboarding, and reporting capabilities. The solution would also need to provide real-time analytics that could be displayed via customized dashboards. The solution would need to support device access from web-based applications as well as from mobile devices (iOS and Android).

The Solution

The company engaged with Plasma to develop a custom software solution that would fully enable its objectives for the new IoT device. Plasma initiated a Project Discovery process with key client stakeholders in order to fully synthesize, and document, all client requirements. This collaborative process produced comprehensive requirements documentation that provided the backbone for Plasma’s development work.

The solution developed and deployed by Plasma included the following technology-enabled capabilities:

Dynamic aggregation of all data being generated by individual IoT devices.
Capture of the aggregated data into a consolidated database.
Ability to create custom data-feeds that can be used to create custom dashboards that reflect real-time data as well as historical information.
Ability to make decisions and enable actions based on real-time data.
Creation of data interfaces for Web, Android, and iOS.

The Impact

Impact of Data Analytics
  • Utilizing the solution developed by Plasma the client has been able to deliver an interactive IoT device to its consumers. The availability of that device has allowed the client to significantly expand the breadth and depth of its product and service offering and will enable the client to capture additional share of its market.
  • The inherent scalability of the Plasma solution will allow the client to add additional functionality as business and market needs continue to evolve. The client’s solution is also being managed and supported as part of Plasma’s Managed Services offering, ensuring that the software solution performs at the highest levels of availability and functionality.

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