Dynamic Analytics and Visualization Optimize Ag Performance

As digital transformation continues to take hold within the agriculture (Ag) segment, companies are looking for solutions that will provide enhanced reporting and visualization of critical business metrics. A digitally powered analytics and visualization solution will provide Ag companies with the real-time visibility and transparency required to optimize business and operational performance.

The Problem – Lack of Real-Time Business Insights

Static CRM solutions are inflexible and self-limiting. Livestock management companies saddled with these cookie-cutter solutions increasingly report a consistent listing of issues that limit business growth. These include….

  • Sluggish reporting: Existing tools are often not digitally connected to the business metrics they are meant to monitor. This creates crippling delays in the access to critical information.
  • Limited visualization: Legacy applications do not provide the rapid, customizable, easy-to consume, dashboarding needed to support field personnel. Critical insights can me missed or misinterpreted.
  • Cumbersome access control: The lack of intelligent workflows creates delays and errors in getting the right information to the authorized recipients. Time-sensitive data can be delayed resulting in loss of decision-making momentum.
  • High data-handling costs: Legacy solutions require high-levels of human involvement to effectively manage. This creates increased cost burdens that negatively impact financial performance.
  • Missed opportunities: New revenue opportunities can be lost due to the inability to visualize and react to those opportunities in real-time. Once lost, that potential revenue cannot be captured.

Legacy, Static, Reporting and Visualization

Reporting and Visualization

Ag companies need a reporting and visualization solution that is interconnected, automated, agile, and customizable.

The Solution – Intelligent Analytics and Visualization

Using Plasma’s C2M® technology as the core, Plasma offers an intelligent analytics and visualization solution that can be fully customized to meet the current demands of companies within the Ag industry as well as the inbuilt scalability necessary to cope with future changes in the business landscape.

Plasma’s solution provides the following stack of capabilities:

  • Data aggregation: The ability to aggregate data from a wide variety of sources within the Ag infrastructure (IoT devices, APIs, databases, machine sensors, etc.)
  • Deep data synthesis: C2M® provides the ability to “mash-up” vast amounts of incoming data, in real time, providing business stakeholders with comprehensive visibility into conditions on the ground.
  • Live KPI Management: KPI are established and actively monitored via automated data presented on customized dashboards. Stakeholders are empowered to take timely corrective actions based on automated alerts. Proactive vs reactive KPI management.
  • Intelligent Workflows: The embedding of intelligent workflows provide enhanced control of information access and the routing of reports to the appropriate personnel. Self-learning automation that ensures that the right people get the right information at the right time.
  • Visualization Engine: A next-generation visualization engine provides customizable dashboards that reflect real-time data. Users can quickly set-up individual dashboard views via dynamic drag and drop capability. Executive-level dashboards can be configured to provide high-level data to key stakeholders and decision makers.
Intelligent Analytics and Visualization

The Impact

Plasma’s Intelligent Analytics and Visualization solution will allow Ag companies to close existing visibility gaps throughout their business ecosystems. The replacement of outdated data processing solutions with the Plasma C2M® powerhouse will provide a host of operational and business benefits.

Business/Operational Impact



Solution Impact

Reporting Disconnected sources of data prohibit consolidation of business insights Ability to aggregate live data from a wide range of data sources within the Ag ecosystem
Visualization Legacy data visualization applications are unable to provide live dashboards depicting real-time information Live data presented in single-pane-of-glass dashboards provides stakeholders and field personnel with deep insights into business and operational conditions
Control Manual data access control mechanisms resulting in delays and/or errors in dissemination of critical insights Self-learning process automation ensures that the right people get the right information at the right time
Cost Non-automated reporting routines add heavy cost and prohibit investment into other areas of the business Elimination of manual data processing and routing significantly reduces reporting costs and provides a quick ROI.
Opportunity Capture New revenue opportunities lost due to the inability to visualize and react to those opportunities in real-time. Higher opportunity capture rate via the ability to quickly visualize, analyze, and respond to rapidly evolving business conditions

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