Case Study

Airbus Helicopters, Inc.

A recognized leader in the Agricultural and Livestock Industry had an urgent need for revitalization of several of its mission-critical business systems.

Maximum revenue and bottom-line results.

Current Challenge

The Business Need

A recognized leader in the Agricultural and Livestock Industry had an urgent need for revitalization of several of its mission-critical business systems. Operational inefficiencies were inhibiting the company’s ability to fully capitalize on business opportunities and to realize maximum revenue and bottom-line results. Primary areas of concern were identified as:


SEO Activities

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. is a leading provider of helicopters in the U.S. for civilians, law enforcement, military, and homeland defense. Airbus is the ideal website for potential helicopter buyers and anyone who is interested in helicopters. Before Plasma, Airbus was not highly involved with SEO activities, and they needed a solution for generating a better targeted website audience. Their overall goal is to use SEO efficiently to increase sales leads and awareness.


Increase Organic Traffic

The website needed to increase their organic traffic through major search engines, expand their presence online to increase leads, and direct the right targeted people. Formerly American Eurocopter, the company’s name change would require an overall new URL and web presence strategy. Current SEO efforts would need to be analyzed and reevaluated to uncover specific activities needed in a new strategy. The site would need an overall on-site revamp as well as many tactical activities such as the development of a microsite and content expansion of current site.


Website Revamped

The Airbus Helicopters, Inc. team needed an efficient team to help them with maintaining their website by updating information, uploading press releases, optimizing images, creating 360 videos, etc. The existing website needed to be revamped in a timely manner to create a strong brand image with the new name and effectively communicate the products provided.

Airbus Helicopters Inc.
Plasma helped Airbus to revamp the existing website to increase awareness and sales through professional SEO strategies and eventually overall web maintenance. Plasma teamed up with Airbus to analyze the website for all SEO and target opportunities.

The Solution

Plasma’s Expertise

A strategy was put into place that included activities such as keyword research, Meta data optimization, replacing old keywords with new keywords, implementing keywords organically, internal linking and much more.

Also, every new page added onto the website is now reviewed by Plasma with SEO in mind. SEO is a continuous process for the Plasma team and creating monthly data reports with website traffic, consumer behavior, and goal conversions help Airbus improve their website and continue to target the ideal market.

The Plasma team also created a microsite that includes popular helicopters and their technical descriptions to help broaden online presence.

The web maintenance necessary includes anything from creating and uploading 360 helicopter videos onto the website, to converting press release content to HTML and uploading, while always ensuring all are optimized for search.

The Impact

Business/Operational Impact

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. ranks on the first page of search engines for 25+ and growing targeted keywords.

Their first page ranking for more relevant keywords has led them to increase their goal conversion rate immensely.

These goals were generated by both Airbus and Plasma and include anything from desirable downloads to contact us page sessions.

This further proves that the traffic is targeted more towards consumers/companies that are actually interested in or want to purchase a helicopter.

Thanks to Plasma, the Airbus Helicopters, Inc. website is correctly targeted to their market and they continue to have an ideal presence online.

Plasma continues to work with Airbus to ensure optimal presence on search engines and to oversee all web maintenance needs.