Use Case

Document Management Platform for NDA Handling

A Fortune 10 telecommunications company wanted to streamline their NDA review, revision, and filing process for external clients looking to introduce new devices into the U.S. wireless marketplace.

Developed and implemented a legal document management platform.

Current Challenge

The Business Need

For this purpose they engaged with Plasma to implement a new Business Process Management (BPM) online solution that would not only facilitate online filing for NDAs, but also incorporate a lean approach for cost and time effectiveness.



The processing of legal documentation is an area of stress for many service providers across many industries.


Partnerships & Engagements

In this particular case, it was an area of heavy engagement and multiple interactions on an hourly basis with businesses seeking partnerships and engagements with the broadband service provider.



The client would need a complete revamp of existing processes through the development of a dynamic BPM web solution.

Document Management Platform
Plasma developed and implemented a legal document management platform that meets all business needs.

The Solution

Plasma’s Expertise

This new online interface was founded on Plasma’s C2M Workflow Platform.

The comprehensive BPM online filing and approval environment has automated all legal documentation processes.

A critical factor in this successful implementation was the operational alignment of the new eco-system with existing processes and layers of business functions.

The Plasma's Workflow Platform is dynamic and adaptable to custom needs of adjacent departments and can be extended to optimize the documentation process in other areas that are critical to the company’s growth.

The Impact

Business/Operational Impact

This dynamic ecosystem benefitted the Telecom giant through improving the efficiency of interactions while at the same time providing improved control and visibility of NDA handling.

The user experience, tools and support provided by the interface has resulted in greater flexibility and faster turn-around times for the users.