IoT-Enabled Monitoring of Rainfall and Wastewater Flow Levels

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Case Study

IoT-Enabled Monitoring of Rainfall and Wastewater Flow Levels

To address these escalating demands, Plasma is engaging with leaders in the IoT device industry to develop solutions that will enable the implementation of transformative water management capabilities.

IoT-enabled water management solutions that are customized for Edge, Cloud, and Mobile deployments.

Current Challenge

Common Problems Faced by Enterprises


Public Utility

Large urban Public Utility Commissions are increasingly faced with the challenge of finding cost-effective solutions that can provide real-time monitoring of water availability, flow, and consumption.


Measurement and Monitoring

Accurate measurement and monitoring of rainwater levels and wastewater flows have become critical factors in robust water management for large urban environments around the globe. .


Critical Data

The ability to collect and disseminate critical data, in real-time, will increasingly become an ecological imperative over the next couple of decades. .

Plasma, in conjunction with its AI/ML company One Tech, is developing IoT-enabled water management solutions that are customized for Edge, Cloud, and Mobile deployments. These solutions will provide Public Utility Commissions with a broad range of dynamic water management capabilities; including:

The Solution

Range of dynamic water management capabilities

Integration of IoT-enabled devices and sensors to provide real-time monitoring of rainwater and wastewater flows.

Provision of a centralized platform for the distribution of data to relevant individuals.

Ability to customize the presentation of data received from IoT devices.

Adjustable data-frequency rates for individual devices and sensors.

Ability to establish trigger-based alerts based on sensor-generated data.

The ability to conduct predictive analytics utilizing databases of information that are significantly larger and deeper than previously available. The ability to take corrective actions prior to problem occurrence.

The Impact

Business/Operational Impact

Tangible impacts from deployment of the Plasma and One Tech Water Management solutions will include:

Elimination of reliance on analog devices and sensors that are disconnected and non-responsive.

Ability for key stakeholders to quickly obtain at-a-glance assessments of critical conditions throughout the Water Management ecosystem.

Customizable dashboards and data-feeds that can be optimized for changing conditions.

Ability to take corrective actions—based on real-time data—in time to have maximum impact.

A scalable ecosystem in which new devices, sensors, feeds, triggers, etc. can be quickly added or removed.