Use Case

Online Event, Freeman

Freeman is the leading provider of integrated services for face-to-face marketing and brand building events, including expositions, conventions, corporate events, meetings and exhibit programs across the globe.

Monetized on the web through a custom Online Event portal.

Current Challenge

The Business Need


Streaming on Demand

Freeman partnered with Plasma to build the dynamic platform that allows streaming and on demand video from a leading CDN to be monetized on the web through a custom OnlineEvent e-commerce portal.


Revenue Streams

OnlineEvent is changing the way Trade Shows are viewed by streaming video for Keynotes, Conferences, and Speakers, helping the content reach a much wider audience and creating new revenue streams for the shows.



The site allows users to purchase videos from the show which they may have been unable to attend.

Plasma built the full e-commerce solution which handles tens of thousands of transactions a month.

The Solution

Plasma’s Expertise

The system ties in with a payment gateway for charging credit cards securely and storing the information in a Sales Report Manager.

The administrator can create, revise, update and delete shows, content, associations etc. flexibly from the backend at their own convenience.

Users can search through the content á la iTunes, the content and various previews options displayed to the user are in various views, users can check out the content to a shopping cart, and then register and pay using the payment gateway that has been integrated.

The Freeman team is able to manage the shows, content and all aspects to launch shows and offer content themselves

The Impact

Business/Operational Impact

Freeman also utilizes and benefits greatly from Plasma’s Managed Service offering.

Plasma’s Managed Service capability allows clients to focus on running their businesses, and not to worry about applications underlying system manageability.

Plasma teams have successfully maintained and delivered changes to Freeman, and have been a long term partner in their many initiatives.