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C2M Workflow - Process Automation Platform

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C2M Workflow platform offers a holistic solution to convert legacy and rigid processes within organizations to agile, web based, efficient and streamlined processes. C2M Workflow automation offers technology and capabilities that constantly evolve with the ever changing business requirements, delivering much needed process automation without an expensive re-haul of IT systems. Plasma offers a comprehensive end to end workflow management and Services to meet and exceed enterprise needs for current and future business process automation and transformation:

C2M Workflow Automation Platform – An agile platform which helps in workflow management and automation of any business process and provides complete visibility across enterprise.

Plasma's Worfklow Management

Our vertical expertise combined with our agile implementation methodology helps deliver a state of art Global Delivery Platform. We offer a suite of complete Managed Service which enables the highest ROI and quick time to market.

Examples of some of our BPM deployments are Vendor/ Developer On-boarding, CRM Service Life Cycle, Legal Document Management, Product Management, Content Ingestion, Resource/Asset Tracking & Management, Order Fulfillment, Storefront Management. A number of our deployments are helping Global organizations exceed meet and exceed business objectives. You can be next!

Plasma's Fusion™ BPM Platform - Agile (Zero Code Write)

C2M Workflow Automation Platform - Agile (Zero Code Write)

The C2M Workflow Platform offers the following capabilities:

  • Business Model Engine for complex business process definition
  • Quickly configurable role based Workflow Modeling with version control
  • Dashboards for complete business process visibility
  • Electronic Document Management Capability
  • Email/Notification integration for easy communication
  • Comprehensive Security and Authentication features
  • Open API to Integrate with other customer systems
Business Process Visibility - Complete & Real-Time

Business Process Visibility - Complete & Real-Time

C2M Workflow Platform offers a 360° view of all business processes:

  • The agile dashboards provide comprehensive visualization of your organization's data in graphical format.
  • Process owners have full capability to measure Key Performance Metrics in real-time.
  • C2M Workflow Management Platform promotes processes through user defined stages. This provides real-time process management oversight leading to higher customer satisfaction and visibility.
Plasma’s FUSION™ BPM Document Management

Plasma’s C2M Workflow Document Management

C2M Workflow Platform can convert inefficient paper dependent process to paperless electronic document repository.

  • Convert and Manage all forms and documents electronically
  • Embed and Manage Legal documents as part of the process
  • Electronically Sign Legal documents
  • Track Versioning, Redlining, Routing and Notifications on all documents
Web / Mobile Ready

Web / Mobile Ready

C2M Workflow Platform is completely web and mobile ready:

  • Create a unified experience between customers, executives, vendors, partners, employees and more
  • Agile dashboards, key performance indicators (KPI), and automatic alerts give you access to real-time data
  • Run your business at any time through a mobile or web interface
Plasma’s FUSION™ BPM Document Management

C2M Workflow Platform is Cloud Ready

  • C2M can be deployed as an onsite instance behind enterprise firewall
  • Enterprise can also choose a private cloud configuration or managed cloud service, in case of scalable requirement.
  • The Platform has in built enterprise level security features which allow for the solution to be deployed in a cloud with complete safety of your data.
Plasma's Services - Long Time Partner

Plasma’s Services Long Time Partner

C2M Workflow Methodology uses an iterative process to document your business requirements and map a workflow that will convert your manual and legacy processes into an agile web-based system.

Our team will work with your organization to define role-based workflows, business data, business rules, triggers and notifications.

We follow an extremely agile implementation lifecycle from engagement to deployment, which leads to a quick BPM deployment with complete project execution visibility to the customer.

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C2M Workflow Architecture

  • Review & Design
  • Strategy & Optimization
  • Rationalization & Implementation
  • Governance & Reporting
  • Testing & Sandbox Capabilities
  • Support & Training
  • Hosting & Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions