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An organization’s ability to make real-time, data-driven decisions that can have immediate impact on very specific areas of business performance can be a key differentiator between success and failure. That success or failure can be at the tactical level or, depending on the performance metric being monitored, it could be at the strategic level. The ability to make those real-time, fact-based, and impactful decisions is becoming increasingly dependent on having access to an enterprise-level performance Dashboard solution.

Business Dashboard Features

A truly effective and value-added Business Dashboard solution must contain a fairly comprehensive suite of performance capabilities in addition to a fundamental set of functional characteristics. Through the development of enterprise-level Dashboard solutions for a variety of clients in the Telecom, Financial, Insurance and Medical industries Plasma has acquired leading-edge expertise in the development of Dashboard solutions. Our Business Dashboards technology provides our clients with the following capabilities and advantages:

  • Ease of integration into existing business processes
  • Ease of use to ensure robust cross-functional adaption
  • No coding or resource-draining maintenance required
  • HTML 5 Compatibility
  • Built-in, and customizable, ability to define, visualize, and share a suite of interactive dashboards that are supported by a rich library of widgets and graphical elements
  • Ability to perform “what-if” exercises to evaluate the potential impact of an action prior to that action being taken
  • Full Drag and Drop capability
  • Ability to create customized snapshots of data and to establish custom data snapshot frequencies.
  • Ability to associate dashboards to a wide variety of raw datasets such as databases, flat files, API’s, etc
  • Ability to generate dashboard-reflective reports in multiple formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Ability to set customized roles, access levels, and action stakeholders based on the data-security requirements of the enterprise
  • Capability to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, etc.

Plasma Business Dashboard Solutions

Plasma is a leader in the provision of truly comprehensive Dashboard solutions. Our solutions have provided our clients with quick Return on Investment (ROI) and Time to Deployment (TTD). Our clients also report very high levels of organizational adoption and user satisfaction with our solutions. Executive level adoption and actual use has been a consistent hallmark of the solutions that we have deployed.

Plasma will leverage its extensive expertise and solid technology foundation to deliver a Dashboard solution that will significantly increase the ability of your organization to access, visualize, analyze, synthesize, and react to the critical data that is being generated within and across the various processes with your business. Plasma’s business dashboards will provide you with real-time ability to monitor the performance of your mission-critical processes and to take appropriate action when and where it counts.

  • Executive Dashboards

    Simplify monitoring and managing mission-critical data while comparing overall goals and KPIs to actual results.
  • Operational Dashboards

    Attain an overall view of business operations and processes to better understand and analyze your business state.

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