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Smart Products & Technology A Big Player At CES – AT&T Developer Summit

The accelerating trend towards, and adoption of smart product technology was once again on prominent display at this year’s CES event in Las Vegas. The number of OEM’s that are actively designing and manufacturing intelligent products, with the ambition of capitalizing on this rapidly expanding market, continues to expand worldwide. The world of Connected Cars, Fleet Automation, Home Automation, and Home Health is no longer a prediction, it is a visible reality, and OEM’s are producing a myriad of smart products to accommodate the demands of these markets.

Plasma Computing Group attended the CES event and was an exhibitor at the preceding AT&T Developer Summit. Plasma was there to introduce its newest enterprise-level platform called SiD™ (Simply Intelligent Data). During the two events Plasma introduced SiD™ to a wide range of OEM’s from a wide range of industry verticals. SiD’s unique capabilities as a dynamic Business Intelligence Marketing platform for OEM’s of smart devices was well received. SiD™ will provide a user-friendly platform that will allow any functional group within any OEM to connect to their smart devices as well as to their consumers. Dynamic integration of real-time data feeds and best-in-class dash-boarding capabilities will provide the OEM with distinct competitive advantages in the areas of marketing, product development, and customer support.

Plasma will be having follow-up discussions with several OEM’s contacted during CES and the AT&T Developer Summit to further detail the SiD™ offering and to identify next steps and future deployment.

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