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Are You Going Mobile This Holiday Season?

Come December and but most marketers are deep into their Holiday campaigns. For small to medium businesses, traditional media is the most costly and least effective means of targeting the right customers because of audience fragmentation and overexposure.The right customers are Smartphone users that have come to expect mobile accessibility for everything. Many business owners are tapping into this direct channel this Holiday season to ensure their business success.

Incorporating a few mobile elements into a marketing strategy can enable small and medium-sized businesses to engage their consumers and bring business back to them. There are infinite possibilities for what a mobile campaign can offer your consumers. Setting the right parameters for targeted text messages to segmented users can expedite purchases at mobile websites.

If this is not applicable for a business, then store redeemable coupon codes, sending a mass text message to subscribers on Holiday blockbusters, creating groups and encouraging voting and polls on popular products and offers are some starting points for mobile strategy.

In addition, campaign messages can be timed for delivery at recurring intervals or as one-time exclusive offers. Transportation and Hospitality and Health and Wellness businesses can leverage text messaging for appointment reminders and include package offers.

It is key to partner with an industry leader that specializes in converting an idea into a revenue-generating reality. The right engagement enables easy mobile integration into existing marketing strategy and social media efforts.

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As an industry leader in the development of revenue-generating mobile applications, Plasma can help you have a mobile presence to connect with your consumers this Holiday season and create compelling mobile marketing campaigns.

With Plasma solutions you can manage campaign response rates and brand awareness through a Web-based portal to develop and execute marketing promotions, and customer engagement techniques. Plasma Mobile solutions can also help marketers in areas of reporting and analysis that are needed for annual reviews. If you would like to be a leader in incorporating mobile elements into your Holiday campaign, Plasma may be the answer for you.

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