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What can Executive Dashboards do for you?

What happens after you release a product? You made it smart, and it can collect data and connect to the Internet, but are you still connected to it? Is that “smart” product still helping you with its capabilities, or has it fallen into the void, leaving you without feedback?

A regular dashboard can handle some of these duties for you, collecting information from your devices so that you can analyze it. But dashboards possess far more potential than just that: executive dashboards like SiD™ from Plasma are tools that give your company full Big Data capability.

Executive dashboards might not seem like a big deal to you at first if you’re only used to regular dashboards. Sure, they collect data from your devices to display to you. That’s great, but it doesn’t seem like very much, right? Executive dashboards, however, take an active as well as passive role in your Big Data capabilities. Instead of just collecting and displaying data, executive dashboards from SiD™ allow you to analyze and manage your data in a plethora of ways. SiD™ does all of the work for you.

SiD’s executive dashboards can collect, mash up and display incoming data in meaningful ways depending on who in your company needs it. R&D can receive information about what features of your product are used the most and where most failures occur while marketing can see where most of your products are operating and what demographics are using them the most. If you find a vulnerability or need to make a recall, you can push those updates straight out to all connected devices, saving time and money. A normal dashboard just displays data; SiD’s executive dashboards analyze data and make it actionable.

The real benefit of executive dashboards is just how much power they grant you over all of your data on both the macro and micro level. Different data streams can be brought together in innumerable ways to pave the way for inspirational analysis and brilliant innovation. In addition, the data streams that SiD™ brings through your executive dashboards can become a whole new product. Consumers can buy new streams to display on their devices, like news maps for a GPS in a “smart” car or an app for any sort of connected device. Data you collect on usage habits and more can be sold to other entities for a subscription-based fee. Your data is an asset, and SiD’s executive dashboards give you complete power over it so that you can leverage it to its greatest potential for your business.

SiD’s executive dashboards give you unparalleled control over your data, bringing in new data, managing it, analyzing it, making it actionable and more. SiD™: take control of your data.

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