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Advanced Intelligence and for Oil and Gas

Operators and service providers within the oil and gas industries are finding it increasingly difficult to establish competitive advantages due to continued reliance on legacy automation and control technologies. Inefficient, non-intelligent, processes and disconnected assets create operational blind spots and bottlenecks that produce higher costs and non-optimal performance.

Oil and Gas

Industry Challenges

Common Problems Faced by Enterprises


Cyber Security

The industry-wide proliferation of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) devices, has transformed the size, diversity, and complexity of today’s oil and gas operational ecosystems. As connected devices, machines, and control systems continue to proliferate so do the threats that can be arrayed against them. Risks include….
  • Increasing digital threat surfaces provide more entry points for malicious actors.
  • Increased probe volume overwhelms the personnel and existing tools responsible for cyber protection.
  • IIoT device power/memory limitations that make them less adaptable to traditional security measures and more vulnerable to attack.
  • Ransomware attacks can result in the temporary or permanent loss of sensitive data. Depending on the scope of the attack, a single asset or an entire asset field can be disabled.


Regulatory Compliance

Oil and gas companies face frequent shifts in government regulations and their associated risks. Outdated knowledge management solutions prohibit the rapid access to current and historical information needed to maintain intelligence-based vigilance.


Static Workflows

that lack AI-enabled self-learning capabilities necessary to provide real-time dynamic tuning of processes to maintain maximum efficiency.


Asset Optimization

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a critical KPI for any oil and gas operation. Poor OEE performance impacts productivity, competitiveness, and profitability.



Lack of real-time insights, unscheduled downtimes, and static maintenance routines all combine to create an asset ecosystem that performs well below its optimum capability.



Meeting escalating challenges in environmental protection, health and safety, price stability, output planning, etc., requires new solutions that bring advanced levels of intelligence much closer to oil and gas assets and processes.


utilizes endpoint and edge AI technologies to analyze data from IIoT devices and to generate actionable insights from that data. Embedded machine learning algorithms train and learn at learn at the device or ecosystem level to provide automated performance monitoring, fault detection, and self-healing.


that combines artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to power advancements in issue resolution, data retrieval, predictive analytics, cyber-security, resource allocation, and cost optimization.

Intelligent Knowledge Management

is a self-learning, hyper-secure ecosystem that helps companies capitalize on the power of their organizational knowledge. Plasma’s Intelligent KMS enables to improve performance and sustainability via more rapid access to critical knowledge and data.

Predictive Analytics

enabled by cognitive, self-learning, algorithms that continuously analyze current and historical data to produce predictive insights. Customizable KPI, drag-and-drop dashboards, single-pane-of glass observability, and automated reporting of predictive alerts.

Solutions and Services

Plasma’s Solutions for Oil and Gas

Plasma brings a wealth of technological solutions to any vertical within the oil and gas industry. Solutions that are powered by advanced capabilities in AIoT, Generative AI, predictive analytics, intelligent workflow, and knowledge management.

Hardened cyber-security

Self-learning security protocols embedded at process and asset levels that deliver state-of-the-art security to asset operators, operational stakeholders, and customers. Enhanced protection against ransomware and other crippling attacks.

Enhanced regulatory compliance

Closure of knowledge gaps, quicker access to real-time information, AI-enabled workflows, and reduced reliance on human intervention all combine to ensure compliance and reduce risks.

Improved asset OEE scores

AI-enabled asset health scores and the transition to predictive maintenance routines can improve OEE scores by as much as 15%. Higher productivity at lower cost.


Benefits for the Oil and Gas Industry

Use Case

Powerful Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Reporting

Comprehensive analytics, dashboarding, and reporting capabilities.

To provide the desired user value and experience the software solution would need to include comprehensive analytics, dashboarding, and reporting capabilities.
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Hardware and Firmware
  • Reporting
  • Dynamic aggregation
  • Custom data-feeds
  • Data interfaces
  • Utilizing the solution
  • IoT device to its consumers
  • The inherent scalability


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It has been my pleasure to work with the Plasma Team since August 2008. We have completed three major builds and multiple smaller projects in this time. I heartily recommend Plasma Comp to anyone needing a workable, practical and effective system solution. Plasma’s Q&A process was extremely thorough. They quickly understood what was needed and then worked the process with pointed and penetrating questions to ensure they had the entire picture of the finished product.

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