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Latest App by Plasma for Wise Wildlife Solutions Inc is now available

People have been stopping, riding or driving by Texas Historical Markers since 1903. But finding a way to learn what the markers have to say about Texas History without stopping has eluded the public until now.

 With our latest application available for use on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, anyone can now search by city or county and read about the 14,000+ historical markers located across the Great State of Texas. From Jesse James Hideouts, Civil War battles, the Alamo, Enchanted Rock and the Marfa Lights, they are now all available at your fingertips. This is a must have application for visitors and Texans alike.

 Bob Phillips, host of Texas Country Reporter, has generously granted us access to his stories. Considered by many to be Texas’ foremost expert on the people and places of the Lone Star State, Bob’s favorite stories have been integrated into the application.

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