ONE Tech Launches MircroAI™ Atom – Edge AI Training at the MCU Level is Now a Reality

ONE Tech is proud to announce that we have launched our award-winning MicroAI™ Atom Software Development Kit (SDK).

ONE Tech is proud to announce that we have launched our award-winning MicroAI™ Atom Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is now publicly available via our user-friendly, information-rich, developer portal.

Our MicroAI™ Atom SDK provides a solution to what has historically been the high-cost barrier to embedding and training Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models onto smart (IoT) devices and machines. MicroAI™ Atom is the first Edge AI solution that allows the developer to embed and train AI and ML models directly onto any microcontroller unit (MCU)-based device or machine. A much more intimate approach to AI enablement than had previously been available.

Fueled by our proprietary MicroAI™ technology, Atom curates and processes smart asset data on the network edge rather than in the cloud. This game-changing distinction enables IoT ecosystem operators and stakeholders to fully leverage the benefits of AI-trained assets without the additional costs associated with cloud storage and extraneous, expensive, computing hardware.

Here are some of the advantages of our edge-based, self-learning, AI solution that lives, learns, and trains right on the smart asset.

  • Real-time insights: A much deeper understanding of the performance and operating conditions of smart assets. Insights that enable transition from reactive to predictive asset maintenance.
  • Flexibility and scalability: MicroAI™ Atom can be quickly deployed onto a single asset (MCU) or scaled across an entire IoT asset ecosystem. Flexibility that is not available via other solutions currently on the market.
  • Speed and agility: Asset data is synthesized locally, at the network edge—not in the cloud. This provides a significant advantage in terms of cost and speed.
  • Enhanced security: MicroAI™ Atom provides real-time visibility into asset health and security integrity. Its self-learning algorithms provide asset operators with the ability to quickly respond to cyber-threats.
  • Quicker ROI: Due to the high costs associated with traditional, non-edge-based AI solutions, IoT ecosystem operators have been faced with slow returns on investment. By removing a significant portion of the AI-enablement cost, MicroAI™ Atom provides a much faster—and more predictable—ROI.

Across the globe, there are billions of IoT devices and machines that have limited compute power. With MicroAI™ Atom, ONE tech will be a providing a solution for AI enablement of those devices.

For more detailed information about MicroAI™ Atom (including a short video) you can visit the Atom product page.