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ONE Tech Participates in the Embedded IoT World Conference

ONE Tech was an active participant in the recent Embedded IoT World conference held on April 28th and 29th. This virtual event brought together a community of technology professionals who are actively involved in developing embedded systems to fuel the continued development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The conference covered a wide variety of relevant topics, including:

  • IoT Device Security and Safety
  • Embedded and Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Processors and Architecture

Yasser Khan, CEO of ONE Tech was one of the featured speakers at this event. His presentation, “AI Enabled MCU’s: The New Frontier of Edge AI” covered several top-of-mind issues within the IoT segment today. He presented insights related to the following:

  • Emerging technologies that are moving AI closer to edge devices.
  • Problems associated with cloud-dependent approaches (connectivity, latency, security, and cost).
  • The advantages of embedded AI at the microcontroller (MCU) level.
  • AI implementation models using MicroAI™ AI technology.
  • The potential growth impact on the MCU market.

Yasser also participated in a discussion panel that included Kilton Hopkins, CTO of Edgeworx and Frederic Desbiens, Program Manager at Eclipse Foundation. The panel answered a wide range of questions and discussed a variety of topics related to the future of edge and endpoint AI.

This annual event will continue to be a source of valuable information for anyone interested in the continued evolution and growth of the IoT market.

For access to collaterals from this year’s event you can visit

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