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Plasma Announces AI and ML Solutions for the Telecom Market

The telecom industry has moved well beyond just providing basic phone and internet communication services. The telecom market is now one of the principle leaders in the utilization—and provision—of technology-fueled services and solutions. This includes a broad range of IoT-enabled capabilities that deliver superior performance and enhanced customer experience. Those capabilities will be further augmented by implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions.

Implementation of AI/ML solutions will provide the telecom market with the technology required to fully capitalize on their vast quantities of data (both current and historic). Data that can be collected, synthesized, and analyzed from a variety of sources: networks, devices, mobile applications, etc.

To help address these evolving demands, Plasma is implementing AI and ML solutions tailored for the telecom market. These implementations will provide that market with enhanced capabilities across several business and operational areas; such as: network optimization, customer experience, predictive analytics, intelligent workflow process automation, and revenue optimization.

Plasma will be utilizing AI/ML solutions developed by its AI/ML company ONE Tech, a leader in the development of enterprise AI/ML technologies such as: Edge, Cloud, and Mobile. ONE Tech will bring a wealth of technology expertise and solution-development experience to these new implementations.

“We look forward to working in close collaboration with telecom industry stakeholders in the implementation of enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions tailored for the telecom market”, said Yasser Khan, EVP of Plasma. “We are confident that these solution implementations will result in delivery of transformative solutions that will allow telecom operators to fully realize their long-term AI/ML objectives”.

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