Deliver your Projects on-time, on-budget, and on-scope with a feature-rich, agile, Project Management Solution.

Project Management

Plasma provides a customizable Agile Project Management Solution that will enable your enterprise to more effectively plan, track, and manage your projects. A comprehensive solution that will enhance your ability to deliver projects on-time, on-scope, and on-budget. Build client satisfaction and retention through your ability to deliver projects at the highest levels of efficiency.

How Digital Transformation Energizes Project Management

Digital Transformation has significantly impacted not only entire industries but also many of the individual operational functions within those industries. Project management is no exception. Many organizations are now capitalizing on the benefits of digital transformation to energize their project management activities.
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Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

Few issues can zap the energy, morale, reputation, growth, and finances quicker than a critical project that has been poorly managed and executed. Lack of an holistic Project Management solution can significantly impede successful project delivery. Specific problems can include:

  • Using off-the-shelf solutions that provide no ability to customize to meet the specific needs of the enterprise.
  • No ability to collaborate, on a common platform, in real time, with internal and external project stakeholders.
  • Unexpected project delays due to lack of visibility into real-time project status.
  • PM solutions that are non-automated, requiring high levels of manual management and intervention.
  • Uncontrolled project costs due to lack of visibility of real-time cost information.
  • Loss of client confidence, loss of reputation, loss of revenue, and negatively impacted bottom-line results due to all of the above.

“To provide the desired user value and experience the software solution would need to include comprehensive analytics, dashboarding, and reporting capabilities.”
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Plasma Solution Benefits

Customizable to meet the specific needs of the enterprise

Plasma will work with you to identify your specific Project Management requirements and then develop and deliver a solution that has been customized to meet those requirements. As your requirements change, your solution can be updated to accommodate those changes. A truly dynamic solution instead of tool that is static and rigid.

Workflow-based automation of PM routines/processes

Ability to automate all of your critical Project Management routines and processes via the development of customized workflows. Full automation and control of Project Management activities such as: role and authority assignment, project scheduling, project gating, periodic risk assessment, document handling, approvals and sign-offs, etc.

Real-time communication and collaboration

Improves the ability of your teams and stakeholders to collaborate—in real-time—regardless of where those teams are located. Your teams will be able to share project data and status updates based on information that is connected, accessible, and current. Significantly reduces the time spent on the sharing of information by emails, spreadsheets, etc.

Project gate control

Provides live tracking and authentication of project gate clearance. Ability to establish gate-clearance notification triggers. Enables you to make data-driven decisions regarding modifications to project schedule and risk assessment.

Custom reporting

Ability to establish your own custom reports that will consolidate project status and performance information into your format of choice. Establish your customized “roles” and “authorities” to control how your reports are disseminated.

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