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7 Internet of Things (IoT) Device Examples

Almost every device around us carries a ‘smart’ tag – from mobiles phones to washing machines and even car keys. The Internet of Things (IoT) is introducing more and more smart devices and sensors every day. Thanks to IoT, smart devices across industries are now capable of working in tandem with each other and the business value is bigger than ever. Here are 7 Internet of things products that are taking smart to the next level.

Examples of New-Age Smart Devices

Home Automation

Sentri – Home Monitoring and Automation
Sentri is a one-stop technology hub for monitoring (babies, pets etc.), controlling (lighting, locks etc.) and customizing (temperature, pictures etc.) your home. This sleek device works through mobile apps or dashboards, and is equipped with sensors for light, temperature, humidity, air quality, and motion detection.

Nest – Thermostat
One of the first IoT based devices, Nest debuted as an intelligent thermostat that programs itself according to your schedule and requirements using its innovative temperature, humidity, weather and activity sensors. Besides conserving energy and reducing bills, Nest has now grown into a comprehensive home automation device with ‘works with Nest’ developer program.

AwoX StriimLIGHT – Light Bulb and Speaker
This fun gadget is a classic case of IOT bringing two devices together. It works like a regular LED light bulb but also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker! You can control light with remote control and use speaker by connecting your mobile phone through Bluetooth. The light, sound and connection technologies might be standard, but the trick is their seamless fusion.

Fitness / Healthcare

Jawbone Up – Activity tracker
Jawbone Up is a complete fitness tracking kit rolled into a wristband. Loaded with all types of sensors, it helps you measure steps, distance, calories, sleep, heart health, and food & drink logging. It comes with ‘smart coach’ assistant to help review performance. To top it all, it has endless connectivity with third party apps and also provides community based data sharing.

Withings – Smart Body Analyzer
You can easily mistake this device for a regular digital weighing scale, but it does much more than that. It measures weight, body composition (fat mass and BMI), heart rate, and air quality. It also does automatic personal profiling for up to 8 individuals and shares data (in the form of charts, graphs etc.) over apps and cloud. The technology works on 4 weight sensors and a body-positioning detector.


MakerBot Replicator Mini – 3D Printer
3D printing is arguably the biggest manufacturing revolution waiting to happen. Makerbot has not only shrunk the size to make it home friendly, the forward-looking team has also integrated Internet of things at the core of this model. You can interact with the printer from multiple devices and create & share designs independently or using Markebot’s Printshop app.

Fluid – Finger Reader
This noble product can be defined as a wearable interface for the visually impaired for reading on the go. It is worn like a ring and uses motion sensors and cameras to detect finger movements and read out corresponding words. It also senses the line ends and buzzes the user to shift to the next. The concept is still at its prototype stage and will hopefully release soon.

The sophistication of these devices is applause-worthy. What’s more encouraging is that these are just the first wave of Internet of things products. As the technology matures and more manufacturers jump on the bandwagon, the devices will keep getting smarter and smarter.

So how do companies, developers and consumers make the most of this amazing array of Internet of things based devices? The best way is to use IoT connectors that assist in in management, connection and analysis of these devices. The true value can come from automating events that depend on the device status. As the availability of IoT devices and sensors increases, the opportunity to automate all business processes will grow and grow. This is the most exciting part of the development of the Internet of Things!

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