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Top IoT Vertical Markets

The Internet of Things is gaining significant speed, and IoT solutions are now solving business problems across many markets all over the world. Decreasing cost of sensors, data collection and management is accelerating adoption of the Internet of Things quicker than we could have imagined. Business problems, while disparate and distinct in every market, seem to have a similar process for solving: Agile system integration & device connection, data collection, analytics, and automation. Here are some IoT vertical markets that have most noticeably adopted IoT solutions to date.

Smart Buildings – Building management can now collect data from smart devices and sensors to remotely monitor a property’s energy, security, landscaping, HVAC, lighting and more. Actions can be automated according to events and efficiency can be optimized, saving time, resources and cost.

Industrial IoT – IIoT uses system integration and sensors to gather data within a process for analyzing and optimizing. Human error is reduced and operation costs go down.

Transportation and Logistics – In-transit visibility is increased while operation processes are automated. Individual solutions such as fleet management, asset tracking and predictive maintenance can work together as an end-to-end solution.

Smart Oil & Gas – As operation costs fluctuate, remote monitoring and insightful decision making can keep an enterprise in the Oil & Gas industry successful. Regulatory compliance can be accurately monitored and overall costs decrease.

Smart Agriculture – With the ever-increasing population of the earth, it is important that the farming industry operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. IoT can enable local and commercial farming to be more environmental friendly, cost effective and production efficient.

Telecom – Already transferring large amounts of data, the telecommunications industry is built for IoT adoption. Device certification and monitoring can deliver predictive failure insights, usage pricing and even new revenue streams.

Smart Homes – Consumers connecting smart devices within homes can enhance the home experience, increase home security and conserve energy. Homeowners can now monitor their properties remotely and in real-time.

Smart Cities – A smart city can include anything from smart parking to mass transit. A smart city addresses traffic, public safety, energy management and more for its government and citizens. More and more cities across the world are adopting these solutions at a steady rate.

Connected Healthcare – Healthcare is perhaps one of the fastest adopters of smart, connected technology. IoT enables critical business and patient monitoring decisions to be made remotely and in real-time.

These are just a few of the many vertical markets adopting Internet of Things solutions in the world today. Many of these solutions have no doubt had an effect on you, whether noticed or not. In fact, the seamless experience of these solutions is actually one of the most important aspects of IoT implementation and adoption by consumers. The acceleration of the internet of things will only be more prevalent moving forward, so get ready!

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