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Plasma Announces Entry Into Banking and Finance Sector with Solutions for Integration of Intelligent Process Workflows with Blockchain

Global banking enterprises are increasingly in need of technology-fueled solutions that can provide automation and control of complex processes related to programmable money and crypto asset transactions. The reliance on legacy, non-distributed, non-automated, systems and applications can hinder the ability of a financial institution to comply with today’s stringent regulatory rules and guidelines.

Drawing upon extensive experience and expertise in the development of enterprise-grade, workflow-based, Business Process Automation solutions, Plasma is introducing solutions for the Banking and Finance sectors that are specifically focused on business and regulatory compliance. Plasma’s solutions will feature the integration of Intelligent Workflow solutions with existing Blockchain platforms.

The integration of Intelligent Workflows will significantly enhance any financial institution’s ability to automate internal processes that are critical to achieving—and maintaining—robust levels of regulatory compliance. Enhanced compliance and control capabilities will include:

  • Enhanced, real-time, visibility and control of complex cross-border monetary transactions.
  • Intelligent workflows that provide automation and protection of data storage and exchange.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that supports all process and control requirements for the handling of programmable money.
  • Provision of synchronized digital data that can be disseminated across multiple financial institutions and geographic locations.
  • Significant reductions in transaction times via decentralized process automation and control.

“We are confident that integration of our Intelligent Workflow and Process Automation solutions into existing Blockchain technologies will provide financial institutions the means with which to bring additional levels of compliance and control to their product and service offerings”, said Yasser Khan, EVP of Plasma. “We are excited to enter this new sector and look forward to building outstanding solutions for our clients”.

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