Integrated Solutions to Minimize Healthcare Compliance Risks

Plasma delivers an ecosystem of AI-enabled solutions that deliver transformative advancements in process automation, predictability, and control for healthcare providers. Solutions that can be quickly integrated into existing healthcare ecosystems to ensure consistent regulatory compliance


Industry Challenges

Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

Healthcare providers are challenged with finding ways to create competitive advantages while, at the same time, navigating an extraordinarily complex maze of regulatory and compliance issues. Compliance challenges can include the following:


Process Control

Legacy business process management (BPM) solutions are not equipped to provide the self-learning and automation required to ensure compliance within an evolving regulatory landscape. Billing and coding compliance and electronic health record (EHR) control are just two examples.


Cyber Security

Failure to protect patient health records and to meet all HIPAA requirements can result in substantial financial and operational penalties. The increasing digital threat surface provides hackers with many more potential entry points than existed just a couple of decades ago.


Knowledge Management

Regulatory compliance is now dependent upon the ability to quickly locate and access current and historical information. Employee turnover, disparate reporting systems, and human-activated processes all combine to create time lags and inaccuracies.


Predictive Insights

Inability to convert large volumes of historical data into predictive insights that are actionable and accurate. The lack of predictive insights creates a compliance footing that is more reactive than proactive.


that combines artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to power advancements in compliance issue resolution, data retrieval, predictive analytics, cyber-security, resource allocation, and cost optimization.

Workflow Automation

AI-enabled intelligent workflows enable the creation of dynamic, code-free, processes that drive automation of critical healthcare compliance routines. Intelligent workflows that provide enhanced control, predictive decision-making, and hands-off management.

Intelligent Knowledge Management

a self-learning, hyper-secure ecosystem that helps healthcare providers capitalize on the power of their organizational knowledge. Plasma’s Intelligent KMS enables a more rapid response to potential compliance risks via accelerated access to critical knowledge and data.

Predictive Analytics

enabled by cognitive, self-learning, algorithms that continuously analyze current and historical data to produce predictive insights. Customizable KPI, drag-and-drop dashboards, single-pane-of glass observability, and automated reporting of predictive alerts.


Plasma’s Solutions for Healthcare

Hardened cyber security for patient health information as well as provider’s critical operational data.

Workflow optimization that combines automation and artificial intelligence to create processes that learn and evolve with changing business and regulatory conditions.

Ability to accurately predict and proactively mitigate potential compliance risks. A transformation from reactive to predictive compliance.

Higher compliance scores, reduced financial exposure, less drain on human resources, and higher patient satisfaction.


Benefits for Healthcare Providers

Use Case

Integrated CRM and Data-Analytics

A recognized leader in the Agricultural and Livestock Industry had an urgent need for revitalization of several of its mission-critical business systems

  • Manual processing of sales contracts and other legal documents
  • The lack of a consolidated Topline Reporting Solution
  • Back Office functions driven by legacy systems
  • A comprehensive CRM application.
  • A Tablet application for the creation and routing of E-Contracts.
  • A Topline Reporting, Dashboarding, and Analytics Solution.
  • Quickly create custom dashboards
  • Establish and monitor real-time KPI’s
  • Create custom real-time data queries


What our client say about us

Several hundreds of our retail locations and joint ventures use Plasma Ag solutions as a part of their core operations. Plasma solutions provide very useful tools and deep insights to users – including tracking customer transactions and financial information. Their applications are tightly integrated with CRM, ERP, Accounting, and our other mission critical IT infrastructure and third-party systems. The dashboards provide rich analysis and insights that helps us adjust to the changing markets.
Kym Gunn
General Manager, Operations, Nutrien


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