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C2M® – Combining IoT and AIoT to Deliver True Digital Transformation

C2M has redefined digital transformation by combining the connectivity of IoT with the power of artificial intelligence.

Our AIoT (artificial intelligence of things) solution is comprised of a three-layered platform that provides dynamic connectivity to any data source, comprehensive data visualization and analytics, and intelligent automation of workflows.

C2M Technology


C2M’s wizard-based connectivity layer dynamically and securely connects to any data source and normalizes all data to allow for real-time comparison and mashing. Seamlessly connect to smart devices, API’s, databases, IT systems and enterprise platforms dynamically and regardless of protocol.


Data storage and analytics provides valuable insight into all integrated and connected aspects of an organization or system. C2M’s Analytic layer provides a simple drag and drop visualization and real-time analytic feed builder. Accelerate big data driven decisions by building custom dashboards that empower executives to quickly consume large amounts of data and gain insight into current business states.


C2M Workflow layer provides a complete solution to convert manual processes into workflows that are automated and intelligent. Workflow automation offers a drag-and-drop environment that adapts to ever-changing business requirements, delivering process automation without expensive re-haul of IT systems. Model complex processes and seamlessly integrate workflows into existing applications.


Three-Layered Digital Transformation

Use Case

Powerful Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Reporting

To provide the desired user value and experience the software solution would need to include comprehensive analytics, dashboarding, and reporting capabilities.


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Plasma Ag solutions have been a tremendous asset to our operations. They offer powerful capabilities such as managing Retail programs, Products, Programs, local discounts, and wraps. Ability to track inventory at physical locations, calculating true and average costs, rebates and accruals on user-friendly and simple interfaces has helped us and our retail customers adopt Plasma Ag solutions quickly.
Keith Thomas


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