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Plasma’s Fusion Platform Streamlines Legal Documents Filing

Plasma has launched a comprehensive online environment that automates filing and processing of the legal documents for one of the world’s largest telecom vendors. The Plasma’s ‘C2M Workflow’ BPM Platform has streamlined and automated the filing of Non Disclosure Agreements for new devices. This new interface has significantly cut down on processing time for the numerous NDAs that are filed daily for partnership with the telecom vendor’s broadband services. On the front end the users of this platform are businesses that are looking to bring next-generation devices to the U.S. wireless marketplace. The user experience, tools and support of the interface allow the users flexibility for unique requirements and a quick turn around. The Plasma C2M Workflow Platform is dynamic and adaptable to custom needs of adjacent departments, and can be extended to cover the documentation process in other areas. If your organization is looking for cost and time effective online solutions for a complex legal documents process, ‘C2M Workflow’ is the answer for you.

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