Automate the management of your legal documents using a solution that will reduce manual handling and help mitigate risks.

Legal Doc Management

Plasma delivers a customized solution that will provide full automation of all of your legal document routines (submission, review,revision/redlining, approval, release, storge, etc.). Automation of these critical routines promotes more accurate and efficient handling of your legal documents (Contracts, NDA’s, SOW’s, SLA’s, etc.) and reduces the potential for costly errors. Your customized solution will also significantly reduce manual, labor-intensive, processing.

8 Things A Reliable Document Management Solution Needs

Electronic document management solutions bring order to chaos and, by storing files electronically, empower businesses to organize, share, edit, and track them efficiently. They can also adhere to compliance requirements, work from multiple locations, support a team working remotely, and seamlessly interact with vendors and customers.
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Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

Poor management and control of legal documents can expose an enterprise to unnecessary disputes and legal risks. Manuel processing can also consume an enterprise’s resources that could be utilized on more value-add activities. Common problems can include:

  • Manual legal document handling routines that are time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Inability to obtain, at a single glance, the status of in-process documents.
  • Sign-off and approval compliance issues due to lack of automated gate controls.
  • Document submission, review, and storage processes that are disconnected and cumbersome to navigate.
  • No active red-lining capability.
  • Loss of documents due to lack of centralized repository and poor access controls.

A recognized leader in the Agricultural and Livestock Industry had an urgent need for revitalization of several of its mission-critical business systems. See how Plasma addressed the following concerns:

  • Manual Processing of Sales Contacts & Other Legal Documents
  • Lack of a Consolidated Topline Reporting Solution
  • Back Office Functions Driven by Legacy Systems

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Plasma Solution Benefits:

A customized, workflow-based, solution for process automation
Full automation of all steps within your legal document processing routines (submission, review, revision/redlining, approval, release, and storage). Will reduce labor costs associated with manual document handling and processing.
Real-time visibility on document status
Provides real-time , at-a-glance, visibility to stakeholders on document status. Eliminates the manual tracking of document status and improves process control.
Real-time, active, redlining capability
Provides a user-friendly process for real-time redlining of documents and for automatic reinsertion of those documents into the process cycle.
Automated filing and retrieval
Process-controlled methods for storage, retrieval, and refiling of documents. Reduces the risk of unauthorized document access and document mishandling.
Reduces legal risks associated with non-compliance
An holistic, automated, rules-based solution that will help ensure compliance with all of your internal and external requirements.
Custom Reporting
Ability to establish your own custom reports to enable real-time monitoring of the status of documents within the process and to monitor critical information related to process adherence and regulatory compliance.
AI-Enbaled Asset Performance

Implementation, Hosting, and Support (Managed Services)

Any software application is only as good as the quality of its implementation and of the ongoing support services. Plasma has a 15 year track record of providing high-end implementation, hosting, and support services for a wide range of enterprise-level deployments.

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